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It's Columbus Day weekend, so I'm taking friday so I can have a four day weekend. The Taylor-Bray Farm pumpking festival or whatever they call it is Saturday, so we'll be going to that with Nora. It's pretty cool. They have hay rides and they raise money by selling pumpkins and gourds. Nora loves her "little pumpkins." Not sure if we'll do the hay ride or not. It's behind a kind of noisy belchy tractor and I think she'll probably be afraid of that.

Other than that, not a lot up outside of work. It's been a tiring week, not sure exactly why. I'm still getting over that horrible cold I had and the days are getting shorter (ugh getting up in the dark!), but I've had no energy when I've gotten home from work so my writing and other things are slipping. I'm trying to keep up on taking a walk during my "lunch" hour (I never eat lunch or anything else at work) to try to get in better shape and lose some weight. It's nice two mile loop down to the beach and I listen to music or podcasts or something.

Nora continues to do great at school and seems to have made a friend, though she denies it when asked. The school has done amazing things for her and we're very very pleased. We're even talking about expanding her week to cover monday and friday. If she wants, of course.

I barely have gamed at all. The whole "gamer gate" thing with misogynist assholes attacking women who game has been very trying on me. I've dropped off of a board I'd been a member of for over ten years because they turned into shits over it and wallowed in the leaked nudes. It's sad to see people who are usually quite reasonable people about other things be unable to acknowledge that they may not know how other people experience things. I'm not the only one to leave over it at least.
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