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This turned out to be such a wonderful weekend. Nora is outgrowing her toddler bed. Ok, she's not really quite outgrowing it. It would probably last another year, but she feels like she wants a bigger bed. She also wanted an "up high" bed and Ikea has some great models--sort of a bunk bed without a lowerbunk. That frees up space  for storage or playing or whatever which in our teeny house is a plus.

We drove out separately, they were in the Kia and I took the Fit alone with the car seat removed and set up for cargo. Nora was fantastic at the store. Yes, it was a friday, so it wasn't crazy, but she did so well. She's still a four year old so it wasn't purely smooth, but given the stimuli and two tired mommies, it went so well.

We also got a bed for ourselves because a bit ago our Malm collapsed with some kind of defect. This one has storage, which will be nice.

Saturday I got Nora out of the house so Janna would have time to put together her bed in peace. We went to the farm and looked at the critters then took a rather long way to the pet shop and picked up some glofish (genetically modified zebrafish) and some oto cats better known as algae eaters. We are down to one of the "shellie" cichlids so I have a little 5 gallon tank where she or he is going to "retire" and we're remaking the 30 gallon into a planted community tank. The glofish will go with the cichlid and the otos can start cleaning the big tank which has way too much algae.

We just had a great time and thankfully, this seems to have reset Nora's "I don't like fish" phase. She's got a long list of dislikes which include cows, pandas, elephants, and more than occasionally me.

It was just the most amazing weekend. SO much fun. And then it all went to hell. I don't know what happened, whether it was exhaustion or food poisoning or what, but I woke up Sunday morning and immediately threw up and spent the next six hours either being ill or sleeping in misery. It started to wear off by afternoon and by the evening I could have a turkey sandwhich, but ouch ouch.

Monday was Patriot's day which is a Massachusetts holiday and I had it off. We took it easy. Janna was tired from building the Ikea stuff and tending to me collapsed on the couch. I made a nice roast chicken dinner and we pretty much stayed close to home otherwise.

Still, despite the weird sick thing, it was a pretty nice weekend. Probably going to be having a lot of long weekends soon because I need to burn vacation hours in a serious way. I think I need to dump 3 weeks in the next two months.

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