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So today is Nora's last day in her preschool. She "officially" graduated in spring and this is technically the summer program, which she insists on calling it, and a little more on the daycare and fun side. But it's her last day. I've really become attached to dropping her off and picking her up as they work perfectly, including the route, with my work and gives us some time alone. The school also does something wonderfully helpful and the little white board gives you talking points for the way home, which is very useful in coaxing information out of someone who's relatively shy. She starts kindergarten next week, but the bus comes after I leave for work and drops her off before, so I'll be pretty much completely removed from it.

Tonight there's a story and ice cream time for the new kindergarteners, which is also a chance for them (and us) to meet the teacher and do one last visit to the school. So two hours after the end of preschool, she'll be in her new school meeting her teacher and the other staff people.

And if that's not enough to finish out a long day,  after the storytime, we'll be heading out to western Mass. We figure she'll sleep on the trip and we can spend the entire day doing fun things for her and then drive home after dinner when she'll also sleep. We hope. This has been postponed for the last few weekends since her birthday for various weather and commitment reasons. It's a last minute thing for all of us and should be a complete surprise for her.

In other news, our new ceiling fan has arrived. We got a rather expensive model that uses about half the usual power and comes with a remote, so we can actually reverse it for the winter. We also invested in a new set of Corelle dishes for everyday use, rather than the mishmash we had. (These included the remnants of the set I remember my mother throwing at my drunk father just before the divorce. Oh the loving family memories.) We have everything ready to go on our roof and new skylight as well.

I'm making some mild progress on my next book. I don't know where this one went off the rails, but it has been a bear to get done. I've done two major rewrites, one of which i totally reversed. I figure I need three more chapters and then start the editing process. The good news on that front is that seven months after release, my book is still on the top 100 best sellers in lesbian romance, which is just whacky.

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