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The weekend was kind of a loss. Janna finally finished her book and I spent all of friday, from when I woke up to 9pm with a break for dinner, editing it. It's a novella and the first time she's written something of that size and it got out of her hands a few times and tenses were all over the place. But it's done! And now that it's back from the professional editor, it should be available soon.

Janna also was coming down with a pretty severe sore throat with accompanying ear infection. Because of that, we really didn't get up to nearly as much as we would have liked.

My game for the weekend was cancelled and I gather they're having a session on Sunday, the 3rd when I'll be in western Mass. Really not thrilled about either thing. I think I'm going to run something on my own, but I'm caught between ideas. Call of Cthulhu is something I can run in my sleep and it's in a lot of demand, but I'm really intrigued by 13th Age, particularly the (unreleased) Glorantha setting. I think 13th might be my nibanna between squishy systems like Fate and more crunchy stuff like Runequest.
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