Jan. 5th, 2015

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So it's a new year. Rah.

On New Year's Eve we took Nora to Edaville Railroad, which is now Edaville USA. For people who aren't from eastern Massachusetts, the quick story is back in, I think the 50s, some guy went a little nuts putting up Christmas lights around his cranberry bogs and opening them to the public. Then it was too hard for people to see them all, so he bought an old narrow gauge train and ran it around. It's become a big tradition to go see the lights when you have little ones.

Since then, they've branched out and they have some vintage amusement rides, some kiddie rides, a scrambler, a tilt-a-whirl, and this funky "space ship" ride that is very obviously based on a Mercury space capsule and must date from the early 60s.

One thing for sure, Nora loves rides. She also loved the train. I was more than a little nervous, particularly running out there after I got out of work, but it all worked out. It was freezing though. Cape is probably 10 degrees or so warmer than the rest of Massachusetts because of the ocean, and wow were we not ready.

Other than that, it was a good New Years, though we didn't get up to much and as usual, the champagne is still sitting in our refrigerator.

In other news, my novella is done and I've been through a couple of rounds of editing. I'm trying an online service called Autocrit that does a computer search for passive voice, run on sentences, and that sort of thing. I'm finding it more or less helpful.

I returned the Mac Mni. As I worked with it, I just didn't think I was getting enough for the money. It had a lot of lag when I was web browsing. That's probably something to do with me using Chrome and the feud between Apple and Google, but it doesn't matter. I use Chrome and it was laggy when I scrolled down. I also had some weird issues with dragging and dropping text. So whatever the issues were, it was getting in the way of me writing and working and it was supposed to make that easier. So instead, I reinstalled the old PC and I'm back to that. This means I'll have to do the final ebook layout on the laptop's 11" screen, but I guess that's life.

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