Sep. 15th, 2015

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This morning Nora had one of her very few moments where she talks about what happens at school. Seriously, prying information out of her is like pulling teeth. We send her with a little thing of raisins and goldfish crackers and she explained that she had been sharing her snack with another girl and that she wasn't supposed to.

We said, no, it's not good to share snacks because you don't know what people are or aren't allergic too.

She then explains.

Her friend doesn't get sent to school with a snack. If the kids don't have a snack, then there are pretzels the teacher gives out. But her friend really doesn't like pretzels and won't eat them, so if she doesn't share, then her friend doesn't get a snack.

OK, Nora, I'm a little proud that you got in trouble now.

I just can't imagine how these kids, they're only five years old, feel when the teacher drags out the Pretzels of Poverty. We're one of the very lucky ones in the tiny slice where "parents" and "not living in poverty" circles intersect on Cape's sad ven diagram.

The rest of the people who actually have to work here? The Cape these rich second home owners see might as well be a cruise ship's private island.

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