Aug. 13th, 2014 02:16 pm
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It was another weekend and here we are already in the middle of a week. Nora was exposed to hand, foot, and mouth disease and came down with the massive spiking fever on Saturday. I've never seen her like that. She just sat there with her mouth open a little staring at the wall. We knew the fever was supposed to be really high and what it was from, so it wasn't as scary as it sounds, but still, rather disconcerting.

I came down with a somewhat lesser version of it which left me pretty much inert through the weekend. I took monday off as well, which was definitely a good idea, but by the end of the day I was pretty solid. Doctor says that we're not contagious, but I'm trying to be careful at work. None of us got any of the blistering thank goodness.

Other than that, not really a whole lot going on. I have a backlog of stuff I need to deal with, particularly getting my scooter fixed and my car looked at. The car (and that would be the Honda, finally, what is ours is ours again!) has an engine light, but once those go off they stay on until cleared and it dates back to a snowstorm. It's due for an oil change though.

We're also buying a new mattress, which I know nothing about. I've slept quite happily on a Japanese style futon (ie, not the crap ones you generally get in the US) since college, but Janna wants something with more support and that kind of thing. It's so complicated and the prices are insane. I have this vague feeling that we're going to end up at Ikea and just cough up for the shipping.

What else. More Marvel Heroes. I've started to think about writing again. I've been off it so long. Just fatigued with the whole thing. 
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That was by far one of the stupidest things I've done in a very long time. Nora was nagging to go to the beach and generally, we all go out somewhere as a family on weekends to walk in the woods or go to a playground or something. Here's the thing: I loathe the beach. Hate it with the intensity of a thousand suns. Nevertheless, I convince myself that this time it will be different, largely because Janna is asking me if I'll come in a way that sounds an awful lot like an offer that can't be refused. I figure I'll hunker down and hide with a kindle and a hat.

Within 2 minutes of arrival, I've had more than enough. My skin is crawling from the sand and sunblock. I'm hot. The wind keeps blowing the hat off. (Plus I hate hats in general.) I'm feeling completely emotionally overwhelmed because I hate being around so many sweaty strangers. And most of all, I am extremely sensitive to light and I'm blind as a bat from the sun reflecting off the sand. This is exactly how the last beach trip ended, with me staring at the ground with my eyes closed just waiting for it to end. Janna gave me a piteous look and I just asked if she could call me when they wanted to be picked up and beat a hasty retreat. Ran home and nearly leapt into the shower I felt so disgusting. My pulse is still racing because I'm so mad at myself for agreeing to this and feel terrible because it would be a whole lot easier for them if they had a vehicle there and I really did want to spend some time with my family.
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First, I am totally and completely exhausted. It hasn't actually been a tiring week at all, but it has been a full five days and I could have used fewer. I even got enough sleep last night so I have no excuse, but wow am I zonked.

The new car remains wonderful. I don't particularly like driving it because while it's pleasant to drive, it's smooth and drives "large" where the Fit is torquey as hell and it's really hard to go between them. I absolutely love being a passenger on it though. The other note is that I think thanks to their new wave station, we're going to make an effort to keep SiriusXM, which was there mainly because it was there if you wanted a sun roof.

We still have the corpse of the Mazda sitting in the driveway. Because of the different ways that Maryland and Massachusetts handle loans and titles, we needed more paperwork from our old loan company to get a duplicate title so we can sign it over to someone. The stuff is in now, so Janna just needs to stand in line and then we wait.

Nora's doing ok. We're still struggling with potty training of the "I have full control but I am not going near that thing" variety which is getting really really old. She's getting much more comfortable with more social situations and Janna's been taking her out to lunch places, which is a really big advancement as she's always been quite shy and freaked out by new things and public spaces. Her birthday is coming up and we're getting her a flock of things, the big budget thing being those magnetic block thingies (ok checked Amazon and they're called Magna-Tiles), which she loved when she was at the STEM playgroup. She's also getting a stomp rocket to play with when we go to the pond, a plush Woodland Fairy House with little plush fairies, and her favorite book Planes Fly.

Speaking of toys and things that fly. I bought one. When I was ordering my Wonder Woman Tray Uglydoll, which is a collectable not a toy, I tossed in a little radio control helicopter. The cats are both terrified and intrigued and I suspect Nora will be fascinated with it as she loves anything that flies.

On that subject, we found a local airport that has a nice brunch restaurant overlooking the airfield. The only issue is it isn't a really busy one, so there's not a whole lot of traffic. We're hoping to find a good day when the flying weather is good and head there.

I continue to obsessively play Marvel Heroes. I absolutely love this game. I am finally feeling the twinges that I want to write again, though this may just be economic fear of having a car payment making me want to bring in some money.
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As our Mazda is officially dead (14 years, it's hard to complain), we got Janna's parents to babysit and when car shopping.
We test drove the Prius C and Prius. It's really hard for me to express what horrible cars they both were. The ride combined a squishy feel with a lot of jerky acceleration, particularly when the gasoline engine cut in and out. At one point, I depressed the accelerator and there was a noticeable lag before anything happened.

Despite my general "early adopter" mentality, I felt overwhelmed by the silly gadgetry. I particularly disliked the bizarre shifter. To move between reverse, neutral, and drive you jimmy it in one direction or another, but it returns to a neutral position and the only indication of gear is on the digital speedometer. To park, you don't even use the shifter. You hit a button next to it.
Mostly it was just uncomfortable being in the vehicles. They both felt like being jammed into a sardine can. I think it's the amount they tried to fit in. There's a huge console between driver and passenger that's just too large, it's more like a privacy wall than an arm rest. I think they were going for "fighter pilot cockpit," but what they got was spam in a can. If they went a bit more spartan, certainly the regular Prius is larger than I think any car I've owned. However did they make it feel so small? Also, while we're on the fighter pilot cockpit, the windshield is a bit tall and there's a lot of gadgets to look at on the dashboard and it reminded me a little of an airliner cockpit where looking out the windows takes a back seat to flying by instrument.

Of course, lagging performance and too small are common complaints by those who enjoy large powerful cars and all that, but given my automotive history, these particular gripes stand out. I own a Fit/Jazz and in the past I've owned a Renault LeCar/R5, a 3 cylinder Subaru Justy, and a 73 original VW Beetle. I think if you folded the rear seats down, the Renault would fit in the Prius' hatch, but I never felt cramped in it.

So back to the drawing board. Except not. By happenstance the Kia dealership was next to the Toyota and Janna had liked the Soul. We hadn't done much research and it's kind of pricey, but since we were literally 30 seconds away, we gave it a test drive and absolutely loved it. Drives like it should. Has a double moon roof the size of Nebraska. Feels roomy, but drives like its small. Gadgets where they belong on the huge satnav/stereo screen and not where they don't.

We took the time to get a price from the dealer and while we're going to look at the Mazda 2 and the new Fit, I'd be very surprised if we weren't driving an Alien Green Soul next week.
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It was all going to be so nice. I was going to take two days off and have a wonderful relaxing weekend over the Fourth of July.

That didn't happen. Instead we had a storm. The storm itself wasn't all that bad. It came in at night and was gone by noon the next day. No damage. We didn't even lose power.

Work, however, did and it was down long enough for the UPSes to run dry and things didn't shut down correctly. Unfortunately, that ended up being the last straw for one of the drives in an older server and a disk dropped out of RAID. So I was in work on Saturday for a few hours getting it back up and running, then ran home to host a belated BBQ. Then Sunday I was back for more abuse and spent the better part of the day in the office migrating a Domain Controller to new hardware.

And as I was heading in for that Sunday in what was supposed to be a long weekend in the office, my car died. Battery light went on and I drove the last quarter mile and some kind of battery steam was coming out of the hood. So adding to the exhaust including catalytic converter, rust, air conditioning, brakes, and tires is an alternator and battery.

So we're test driving a Prius this afternoon, which I really could do without right now. I also have the carcass of the car parked at work, which isn't a big problem, but can't go on for more than a couple of days.


Jun. 30th, 2014 09:37 am
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I took a long weekend, left early to watch the match on Thursday and then took friday off as well. That's all part of burning excess vacation before the new fiscal year July 1st. They had a few people who got crazy with carrying it and cracked down on carrying more than a week.

Overall, the weekend was good. I came down with some kind of cold, which gave me a really sore throat on friday, and then has me still feeling tired and achey. Sadly, I think Nora might have a touch of it as well. She was a pill for most of the weekend.

There were, however, bright spots. It's been beautiful out. Warm, sunny, low humidity, and just perfect. We went to Fort Hill on Saturday. They still haven't gotten the walkway through the cedar swamp fixed. It's been something like three years? Another sad result of America not funding its government properly. I hate it because it's a wonderful walk and a great place to take visitors. Nora told us all the way there she didn't want to go to Fort Hill and then had a great time. We went across the street afterwards and sat behind the house (there's the mansion of a whaling family on the site) and she had a little snack and ran around.

After that, however, I was down for the count tired and spent.

Other than that, I watched some world cup. I played a lot of Marvel Heroes. It's the last weekend of their first anniversary event and there were all kinds of bonuses. Still loving the game. The "speed run" plagues it like it plagues everything though. Have one person run like hell through the thing then teleport to them at the boss. Ugh. But I made best advantage and stacked up bonus potions with the anniversary loot drop bonus and got a lot of artifacts I've been looking for. My Ms. Marvel is in great shape and Squirrel Girl is getting there. Still not sure who I'm going to do next, probably storm as she's already 47 and it's just 13 levels.

And we finally pulled the trigger on the grill. This has been a long time coming. I tried not to look pale when I forked over That Much Money for a grill instead of buying another $100 or $200 "Benny's Special." I think it will be worth it though. We grill 12 months a year and it really fits more in the "major appliance" category than the "occasional outdoor thing." We got the Weber Genesis 330 with the sear burner for steaks and a side burner for when we have a hurricane that wipes Cape off the map and it's the only way we can cook when we want to fry something and not stink up the house. I'm looking forward to having a really nice grill that we can do things with like smoking and longer indirect cooking. The last one could do those sorts of things, but the parts started to wear heavily after a year and there were flameouts and all that. This one we'll make an effort to treat well, plus its a weber so we'll be able to get parts.

They deliver it Saturday. I'm looking forward.
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It was a miserable rainy weekend, which really just comes out just fine when there's a World Cup on TV.

I took friday off so that Janna could paint Nora's room. Thinking about it, I probably should have taken today off so I could catch a better set of matches, in particular because there's no way I'm not watching the US match live and unfortunately, this will mean I get spoiled on the earlier ones.

The color is a really nice robin's egg blue and Nora couldn't be more thrilled. Blue's her favorite color. However, with it rainy on friday and saturday and Janna's parents coming over for Father's Day, we didn't get out to the park or do much of anything else, which left Nora as a less than happy little bug overall. "I am NOT a bug!" -- I can just hear her. She's having issues with metaphor and we tend to use a lot of them in our speech.

Other than this, it was rather uneventful. Pleasant, but uneventful.
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I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. It was gloriously warm, in the upper 70s for the first time this year. Sunny. Not particularly muggy and a light breeze.

Friday, we arranged for Janna's parents to babysit Nora and went to see the new X-Men movie (in REAL 3D!). I was surprised and impressed. I know they are dumbing down movies into pure action because as the US sinks into it's wrongful place as a third world banana Republic, the world market is becoming more important. However, this had some actual plot and more character moments than I've seen in action movies of late.

I went into work friday morning for three hours rather than taking the whole day and that really worked out well. I had a chance to put out some fires, update some web things, and all that without feeling like my valuable vacation time was being stolen from me. The problem I have when I take time off generally is I end up spending 2 hours dealing with this or that in email. That's fine. It's part of the job. I have a short work week and I'm appreciative of that. However, it's a pain in the ass. This worked out well. I'm seriously considering doing my "vacations" with a few hours in a day.

We made dinner for Janna's parents which was kind of funny. We stopped on the way back and picked up potatoes and steak tips and I'd already had the tips marinating and the potatoes sliced into steak fries and soaking when Janna's dad, oblivious to it all (and how fast I can break down things) says "so are we getting some pizza or something?"

Saturday was the day of toil. We went to Janna's parents and got the garden put in. We're doing potatoes and tomatoes and her parents are doing beans. I was kind of surprised at exactly how many potatoes a single bag of seed potatoes gives you. Since I had some sprouting anyway, got shits and giggles I cleaned out the potato bin and planted those as well. It was hot though. Really hot. And sunny. And I don't do well with either one, never have, so the day took a lot out of me.

Sunday was a bit more leisurely, we took Nora to the playground and she swung and swung. Actually she didn't touch any of the other equipment. She just loves to swing. We should probably consider finding a limb and putting one up when she's a little bit older. Again though. The sun. Geez that takes it out of me.

Other than this, I watched the Montreal GP which was kind of wild. This is a very weird bonding time for Nora and I. We sit and "watch the cars go around." I also got a whole lot of Marvel Heroes in over the weekend. My "main" Ms./Captain Marvel is up to 58 thanks to some XP pots and server side XP bonuses. We bought a round/hex picnic table that will be delivered next saturday. I need to get out during the day, but we're going to pull the trigger on a Serious Grill, a Weber Genesis E330. We figure why not? We grill more in December than most people do in July. We should treat it like a real appliance.

Mostly it was just a wonderful lazy sunny weekend though. The perfect temperature where you aren't hot, but it just feels like you're floating in a warm cloud.

Today, Nora goes to visit the pre-school we're sending her to in the fall. I'm just crossing my fingers that she arrives at either playground or story time so she won't freak out. She still has some really negative feelings about the YMCA program and last time she arrived "between" activities and everyone was running around screaming and it freaked her out. We're quiet little mice and she's just nto used to it. She's definitely saying she's looking forward to going to school though, so we're really hopeful.

And next weekend Janna's going to paint her room!


Jun. 6th, 2014 07:51 am
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So just when LJ was seeming like it might be coming back, they convert the friends feed to a tiny strip on the left hand side of a blank page? Really?
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I think Memorial Day remains one of those long weekends that's still a significant "big deal," but here on Cape Cod, it's the unofficial start of the season and it's a huge deal. I took friday off, so I'd have four days in a row, which is my usual strategy, but it's a lot nicer on the weekends like this because it was very quiet on Friday, so I didn't eat half of my "day off" dealing with email.

I'm not sure I even remember all the stuff we got up to. We took Nora to the playground twice and she and I went to the farm, which was wonderful. I love the farm. It's an easy simple trip and it offers more for adults than the playground. The minute we got out of the car, the two she-goats got up on the fence and looked at us as if they were greeting us! We got buzzed twice by bees. Nora's internalized my own terror of the things, which probably isn't good, but I can't say I act any more rational. Other than the bees, the farm has some new chickens which apparently lay colored eggs, but for those of us not collecting the eggs, are a beautiful shade of gold/orange. The swallows were also out in force and Nora can more properly appreciate them this year.

We ate. Then we ate some more. Then we ate more. And more. Hamburgers, steaks, and an amazing BBQ dinner of ribs, kielbasa (this is something we picked up at Bub's in Western Mass--grilled kielbasa with BBQ sauce is exquisite), and red beans & rice. The beans being from a huge batch Janna made up a few weeks ago from scratch and froze.

I also played a whole lot of Marvel Heroes. I can't seem to get enough of the game.

Mostly though, it was just a great mental break. No emails from work. No grief. Just a nice weekend that I actually had off for reals.
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We had a wonderful weekend. There's a guy locally who runs board gaming groups at the local libraries several times a month. We've been to one before, then we got busy with other things and hadn't made it to another until this weekend. It was pretty quiet, probably because the expected rainy day turned into a beautiful sunny spring one. We got a chance to try King of Tokyo, which I'd heard was a lot of fun. It was. Fairly simple and pleasantly competitive game of giant monsters destroying Tokyo. After that, we tried a nifty little card game called Love Letter, which has to hold some kind of prize for the most interesting gameplay out of 16 cards. Unfortunately, neither game is particularly good for two people, but we might pick up Love Letter for when we have visitors as its fun and not particularly expensive.

Sunday we went to the park with Nora. Unfortunately, I was stupid, It looked beautiful and seemed warm so I didn't bring a jacket, but there was a solid ocean wind and I was freezing so we really didn't spend all the time there that we should have. We did take a little walk from the playground to a nearby cemetery. It was interesting, 19th century, but with a lot of nice stones and most plots fenced off, which isn't the usual around here or I think in New England as a whole.
Despite cutting the outting short, Nora had a nice day. I read her some stories and she played some puzzle games and colored on her Kindle and we even got her playing a counting game. We have a very quiet life and she tends to get overwhelmed with a lot of "kid" stuff that's loud and zapping stuff out at them. It manifests in some negative ways, like her being very shy around other kids, but in positive ones like preferring Sprout to Nick Jr.

Unfortunately, I'm giving up on my Fire HDX. I absolutely love the device, but it cannot keep connected to a wireless network and the battery also drains even when idle in about 30 hours. 


May. 15th, 2014 01:05 pm
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What just happened to LJ?!
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It was actually quite the pleasant weekend despite my occasionally bad mood. We had town meeting last monday and it went long, so I had half a day (well more than half, but not quite a whole one) so I left at noon on friday. That was mostly just about "stuff." I did the shopping while Janna was out with Nora and it let us get a head start, but it didn't quite give enough time to do anything "exciting."

Friday night Nora also gave us pretty much the nicest gift that one can give parents of a three year old. Perhaps it was that I was home early. Perhaps she was just exhausted. Who cares! She voluntarily went to sleep! She just went in her room and went to bed. No fuss. No recitations of Go The Fuck To Sleep. We had the Hobbit/Smaug movie out from Netflix and managed to get through almost the whole thing before she woke up wanting to formally go to bed.

Saturday we went to the playground. We have been going to a new one for the last month or so. For one thing, she loves the swings there. It's an accessible playground and there are "wheelchair" swings that have an over the shoulder sort of locking mechanism the way that metal roller coasters do. The result is I can safely push her pretty much as high as the swing will go and she absolutely loves it.

We called it a day early because we had plans for a big Mother's Day dinner of chicken Kiev. Janna put them together Saturday and I cooked them off on Sunday. I made up a basmatic rice with mushrooms and green and red peppers. I also found some decent (I would say decent, not necessarily good) baby green beans, which were good, though jeebus, expensive. It all came out incredibly, even if the kievs burst in the oven--I fried them to golden brown then finished them in the oven. Janna's parents seemed to enjoy it enough. We also did our Amazing Race visit afterwards. Unfortunately, Nora was tired and cranky for much of it, but what can one do.

Other than that. We eventually finished Smaug and both really enjoyed the movie. We watched a few other things and generally had a nice weekend. I wasn't even going to download the beta, but I decided to try Wildstar. I ended up having a blast. There are some things that I don't like, mainly it's a little heavy on the furries for me. The gameplay is fun though and maybe I'll find a community or something and feel like I want to get past just soloing.

And I did something I haven't done since Ronnie Raygun was El Jefe. I read comic books. Both Janna and I used to read X-Men back before we met and I got out of it as they became just cost prohibitive, particularly trying to keep track of the entire mutant-verse of the last 80s. I'd looked at them online before and really couldn't get too excited about coughing up $3.99 for a digital comic that's like 20 pages any more than I could about a physical one. Doing some quick math, when I was a teenager, you could buy 5 comics for one hour of minimum wage and now you can buy not quite two. I did enjoy the interface that goes from frame to frame rather than page to page. Then I found Marvel Comics Unlimited, which is ten a month subscription for everything Marvel, just delayed by six months. Well, I'm 20 years delayed, so that's fine with me. I binged. I also like that this is something I can read and just drop.
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We had quite a pleasant weekend, all things considered.

First of all, Sketchy seems to be doing much better. He's still gimpy on the leg, but his coat is smooth and shiny and he's alert and getting around and all that. We're now thinking he might have two issues. One being the stomach distress and the other being an injured leg.

Saturday we had Janna's parents over. We've been cancelling on them because of this or that for the last month. Thankfully there was a "skip" week for The Amazing Race and we only had two to watch. We did our Chipotle thing. I have to say, it was quite good, particularly given the usual hideous Mexican you can get on cape. Definitely something we'd do again if we were already in Hyannis. Janna's mother was completely perplexed both at the whole Mexican food thing and even more at the concept of ordering food through the computer. I'm pretty sure she thinks it's witchcraft.

Yesterday we took Nora to a playground and had an awesome time. It's not the usual one we go to and it has a lot more complex, but at the same time friendly gear. It's an accessible one and I think that overall makes it easier for Nora who's completely daring in what she'll do, but just isn't physically tall enough to ride this ride. She discovered the accessible swings, which have a lock down mechanism like a roller coaster which makes them a lot safer for someone her age, even if she's probably technically too small for them. She's absolutely fearless in them. The other reason I like the playground is the people there seem to be a lot less fussy about their kids using the equipment. At the usual place, there always seems to be a helicopter parent or grandparent fussing about a kid a year or two older than Nora using the gear that we don't think twice about her using.

Afterwards, even though we didn't watch the premiere live, we honored the return of Mad Men with a total retro steak dinner, cooked on the grill.

On the grill, this was the old one, but we've decided to go all in and buy a Weber Genesis 330 and have someone deliver it and set it up. Given that we grill outside 12 months a year and have the income, it makes sense to buy something really nice. I must admit being a little sad that we hadn't bought a better oven when ours died several years ago. In fact, the grill we're looking at is actually more expensive than our range.


Apr. 10th, 2014 04:13 pm
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Sketchy's ill and we're not sure what's going on. He's been to the vets twice. He's listless and seems to have some discomfort walking. At first they thought it was constipation, but they gave him something and that "resolved itself" so to speak. He still has this weird cough like he's haucking up a hairball, so today they gave him a bit of steroid to try to help with that. They've done two sets of abdominal and one set of chest/throat pix and just don't see anything. Plus he's eating and drinking.

We're worried, but hopeful that he'll be ok. When he got back from the vet today he immediately went to the food and ate and drank, so that's got to be a good sign. They said that since yesterday he's definitely eaten as well.

That has pretty much discombobulated our week. So soon after losing Carmen and tomorrow is Sketchy Day (the anniversary of when we adopted him) make it harder to see him sick.

Other than this, not much going on. I finished my beta read and she was happy with the suggestions or at least faked being happy with them. She's definitely stressed though with trying to get it published, as she's already done the cover reveal and so on. Between that and the cat, my own writing has ground to a halt and I'm pretty dubious I"m going to get 40k on camp nano.
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It was a very pleasant weekend. Saturday was a warm sunny day and while Janna was putting Nora down for a hopeful afternoon nap, I went outside and brought Lemon Squeezy back to life. She, somewhat surprisingly, started up without too much trouble. I had to crank a little, but because I was giving her a bit too much gas. Took her out for a nice half hour or so ride that hopefully made a dent and recharging the battery from its long winter rest.

Made BBQ ribs for dinner. They came out great, but our grill is an utter disaster. Right now, I'm mulling a super cheap one for a hundred bucks, a replacement which would be a good but disposable grill in the 250ish range, and then I'm contemplating just biting the bullet and getting spendy on a Weber that'll lost forever and have spare parts and all that crap. Given that we don't seem to be moving anytime soon and that we grill all year round, we're learning towards spending the money on a high end grill.

Sunday, we went to the playground. There's nothing for realizing exactly how much Nora has grown than seeing all the stuff she can do at the playground that was too tall or high or whatever for her the fall before. She had a great time and Janna had her back there again today.

Other than that, I beat-read a new book for someone which was interesting. Hopefully my input is useful, she seemed to think it was. Great book. That didn't do a lot for my writing productivity though. I'm trying to do a 40k novella as part of Camp Nano. We'll see as I'm way behind. I'm not sure the book will come out at more than 30k though and as long as I finish the thing I'll be happy. It'll be my first foray into romance, albeit erotic romance.
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We had a really nice weekend. Saturday we went for a nice walk with Nora through the woods to the cemetery down the road. Looked at stones. Saw a rather amusing one with the two clinking cocktails on it. Saw another that we're pretty sure is a lesbian couple. Then it got windy and Nora really really hates the wind and I can't say I was too enamored of it either as it turned "pleasantly brisk" into "really cold."

We roasted a turkey breast for dinner. It was good and we'll be having turkey sandwiches tonight and possibly some left for lunches, though Nora's not enamored of any sorts of meats other than steak. I also set some "boneless country pork ribs" whatever they are in the slow cooker with an onion, garlic, and some dried chilis and let it go for 10 or so hours.

That became the filling for Sunday's dinner, which was an enormous batch of home made tamales. I was surprised at how easy it was, though I wasn't the one stuffing them. Janna's great at that and I conned her into it. They came out incredibly good and I ate enough to be feeling like I should have eaten a little less.

Other than that, we didn't get up to a whole lot. Did a dump run on Sunday.

I have no idea if it will pan out, but the house we came so close to getting three years ago has been on the market and I asked about it. It's apparently under contract, but they sound like it's kind of questionable whether it's going to go through. We'd have to float a bridge loan as she doesn't want to rent, but the structural collapse issue is fixed and the interior has been painted. We're in a better place and so's the house. We'll see. If it happens, it happens, but we irregularly look at property and honestly, I haven't seen anything I like nearly as much.


Mar. 20th, 2014 09:27 am
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Well yesterday was much better. I'm not sure what got me down so much on Tuesday. I'm done the crunch on the new website and I'm now waiting on feedback and corrections. People have been quiet. I have a regional managers meeting today, so I'm killing a little time before leaving for it. Janna sets the kitchen clock ten minutes ahead which drives me insane since I usually pace myself about ten minutes early to start.

We did the Amazing Race with Nora's "grandperries" yesterday evening. It's good for her to see them and we have fun watching the race.

This weekend I'm going to give tamales a shot. We'll see how it goes. At worst, it will be a mass of masa with some pork on top of it and that's not that terrible is it?

I'm being horribly lazy about writing. I think the big thing is I have this one really good piece and I'm hoping to bundle it with two others and put it up on Kindle Worlds, but I'm just not feeling the other stories in the same way. I might try to expand the first one to ten thousand words, which should put it in the $1.99/35% bracket. I'm not sure I even see the point in publishing something that would sell for a dollar and give me only 16 cents. I could write for a trade publisher if I wanted that kind of royalty. Other than that, I have two novellas I'm really feeling strong so I think I'm going to work on those after this.

ok, off to my meeting.
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Another day, another day of snow. This is starting to just get absurd.
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I have really had enough of this winter. Most years at this time I'm already on the scooter. Perhaps shivering. Perhaps only taking a few recreational rides, but I'm on it. Now, it's covered with snow. (We didn't move it into Janna's parents garage as there's a hole in the roof and we're dubious that it offers much protection.) It's frigid, we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow, then we will top freezing on saturday, then back to ice pellets on sunday.

In other negative news, I'm still kind of reeling from a friend's death. Cynde was someone I worked with back in the day at Bruno's. I never really knew her that well then, even though we worked together 8 hours a day, often boring hours with little else to do. I remember her then as a sarcastic witty and self confident person, but she apparently was none of those. She got in touch a few years ago and we really reconnected. I hadn't realized a lot of the mental health issues she had or how kind hearted she was, particularly towards animals.

I feel particularly bad because she hadn't been online for a while, I think because she was dirt poor and her computer was acting up, and I'm wishing I'd reached out. I have no idea what caused her death. It could have been some body abuse catching up to her or she might have taken her own life. It was sudden and unexpected. I went back and found a picture of her on her family's page from last Christmas and she looked twenty years older than she should have. I'm afraid my mental epitaph will end up being Jim Carol's "He looked like 65 when he died... He was a friend of mine."

Ok, the more positive. Our two kitties are settling in quite nicely. Dandy needs to learn to stay off the ************* fish tank, but other than that they're great. Sketchy is getting used to them and is even play fighting with them. It's definitely gotten him out of his funk. The two kitties themselves are amazingly sweet. They are going to be huge though. I suspect from how they look they may have Maine Coon blood.

Nora's doing great. She's reached some kind of stage where she got over a hump and has become far more pleasant to deal with. She is getting more independent. Willing to play on her own for longer. She still has her moments, but things are good. She's even talking about how she wants to go to school. Janna found a gym that has open play time for toddlers up to kindergarten and she's been going almost every day there isn't some other kind of indoor play group. That's been really good for working off a lot of her energy.

She has also finally gotten over some hump about sleeping at night. For the longest time, we almost always had a choice of staying in the bedroom or her waking right back up. That left us with very little adult time together to relax or watch tv or whatever. Now she's getting and staying down and we're having ourselves a huge TV fest. Thank Gods.

Overall, we're really looking forward to the summer. I think this will be a good summer for her. We'll be able to do a lot more things and get out to places, at least casual ones.

Other than that what have I been doing. Not a whole lot. I've been not writing, by which I mean I've been sitting and trying to write, but not getting more than a few thousand words out. I've been reading. Picked up a very good Wool series, Karma of the Silo, from the Kindle Worlds store. I also read a good erom by Jasinda Wilder. Now I'm working my way through a new post-apocalypse anthology.

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