Fuck Snow.

Feb. 26th, 2015 11:00 am
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Yesterday I woke to find around 5 inches of snow had fallen over night instead of the 1-3 inches we'd been told was coming, which was already too much. I almost wept. It doesn't really impact me all that much other than slip sliding down the driveway, but it is really getting to me emotionally. It's just disruptive to constantly be wondering if the power is going to go out and so on. We've actually been looking at vacations for next winter, maybe a Disney Cruise which we figure would be Nora friendly.

Nora is doing great. She's starting to pick up the ability to recognize and "read" some words. Socially, she's still improving. She has official "friends" at school and is going to a birthday party this weekend. Unless it's postponed again due to blizzard. We watched My Neighbor Totoro last weekend with her, which she absolutely loved. She wants a catbus and saw a photo of a giant one at the Ghibli museum and announced we should get one and there was enough space in the living room for it.

My book is starting to get past that first month rush, but it burbled back up to #1 in lesrom today. Sales are a bit slower as it is February, but by the end of next week, I should qualify for the Romance Writers of America published author network, which is pretty cool. I also have an audio book currently in production with a great narrator.

So with all those proceeds. I bought myself a computer! A really nice iMac. The top of the line "late 2013" 27 inch. I got it from the refurb store (which are mostly "buyers regret" not actual refurbs) and when it came, it had an upgraded video card and huge 3gb hard drive. Unlike the MacMini, this one is working out great.

My second book is coming along. I'm at 19,000 words. It's a young adult about two 17 year olds thrown together when their families take a combined vacation. The presumptive title is "Our Demented Play Date."

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